Asset Disposition Management / Property Preservation

TNG-Asset Disposition Management 

TNG-ADM  staffs it's Property Preservation Department with dependable field service professionals and  provides Property Preservation services for the mortgage and real estate industry in Georgia, and Florida. 

TNG-ADM has the experience and expertise to provide complete oversight of the entire management and disposition process. Once the property comes under our management, we will ensure that its progress is monitored, managed and reported to the client on a consistent basis. We handle all maintenance/ repair to insure its completion and quality. We will NEVER contract work.

TNG-ADM provides detailed weekly inspections and status reports. Our weekly reports include such information as the condition of the property, digital photography, and  recommendations. Our Web Based reporting system is available to our clients 24-7 to provide accurate, detailed reports, including  digital photography to assists you in tracking all properties. Upon request we will provide you a complete, detailed  case file for your records and retain copies in our database for a period of seven years.


TNG-ADM can provide customized programs to meet your needs. Please see our summary of services below.

Initial Services

bulletInitial Property Inspection
bulletComplete Interior/Exterior Debris Removal
bulletComplete Interior/Exterior Detailed Cleaning
bulletProperty security: Lock Change/Secure
bulletMinor Repairs
bulletProperty Cleaning
bulletLawn Care / Grounds Maintenance
bulletRoof Repair or Tarping
bulletPool / Spa Secure
bulletDefective Paint Removal
bulletPeriodic Security Checks
bulletDigital photographs (before & after)
bulletElectronic Assignment & Reporting 

Ongoing Maintenance and Services

bulletLawn Care / Grounds Maintenance
bulletHazard Removal
bulletEmergency Secure and Board-Up
bulletRoof repair or Tarping
bulletPeriodic Inspections
bulletDigital Photo Property Updates
bulletOther Services as Requested


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